Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where for art thou ...

I'm seeking my sound mind and stamina.

June seems to be fading from the calendar but I have yet to add one single post... so sorry.

It seems that visits have gotten worse and stress and anxiety have gotten greater. We had our ISP meeting on the 23rd. Court looms like an evil darkness, on the 29th.

Of course we had to take a vacation and travel two days away to see my family, hang out with them for a few days and travel two days back. Then, knowing how we needed some down time to relax and pull ourselves together, we gave ourselves a whole day to get laundry caught up and the bookend boys packed for camp. AND having nothing better to do while they were away, we decided to paint their room...................................

Then the denial fog lifted after the ISP meeting and I spiraled into a dank sewer of a depression. I think I've found a rope and am seeing light again.

We will remain locked in this dance with DHR a while longer... Que sera sera.