Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Normal Is Just A Setting On The Washing Machine (Part 2)

We allowed our dream to shift and change, like the sand on a beach.

One dream wasn't better than the other, just different. So we let ourselves dream. We began to read and explore adoption options and as we did the faces of the littles in our dreams changed

They became different color, then they became older, and sometimes they appreared in groups..

Everything was uncertain.

It is understood that once you are expecting it takes 9 months to become parents. Then, if all goes well, you are rewarded with a brand new baby. You bond, you love, you pour yourself into that child and become a family.

Now there was no way to know how long it might take for a child to join us. They wouldn't be a new baby, they would look different, they might have disabilities, problems and imperfections. They might not even want us!

It sounded strong and heroic to take on children who were so needy. Surely God would give us the strength. God would use us as catalystlist for their healing. With us, praying and believing, He would make them whole.

The weed was being pulled and broken and torn. The roots remained.

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