Saturday, January 06, 2007

On My Soapbox


Yes, we don't want our children labeled. We can't have them cursed and under a tag that will hang around their neck for the rest of their life!!!!!

No, I guess what we *want* to do then is bury our heads in the sand and just treat the symptoms...right?

Isn't that what we get so mad at physicians about? We (parents) don't want to take our children into the Dr just to have them feed antibiotics over and over in an effort to corral whatever the problem might be.

We want a Dr to examine our see the hear the find the tell us what we can do to fix it.

We don't want our little cherubs to suffer with strep throat while a Dr treats them for cold and flu.

Yet we will refuse to allow a psychiatrist to examine, and diagnose because we don't want to label our children.

Fine...go ahead...let me know how treating a Bipolar child as if he has clinical depression, works for you. You can call me, or better yet, don't, the first time the child has a psychotic reaction to an antidepressant. How about we treat them all for ADHD, that ought to be fun with a child who has Reactive Attachment Disorder! That little remorseless control freak will fry you up and eat you with catchup, while laughing out loud at your reward charts and check lists.

As for me and my family we want a diagnoses...and a correct one and we want it NOW!!!!

I have been told that most therapist, psychologists and psychiatrists will just slap the diagnoses de'jour on whoever walks in their door, but I have yet to find these proffessionals. The people I take my children to are a little too far right of careful for me. They are not wielding a giant ADHD or Bipolar stamp ready to brand a wee forehead, no they want to wait (FOR WHAT?). They don't want to label a child with an incorrect diagnoses...WHY NOT!!!!! The professionals seem to have and inability to commit. They don't diagnose unless under duress.

ACK!!!! Label my child already. They have a problem!! It is not a secret!!! They need help...and they need the right kind so quit wasting my time by being careful. While you are trying to take care of the child that God gave ME!! My child is growing up and losing more and more ground because we can't pursue correct treatment.

Why can't we pursue correct treatment? Because YOU great and mighty psychiatrist hold the power to give my child hope and a future or not (God complex?...GET OVER IT!!!)

It is my understanding that a boat that's in the water already, even if pointed in the wrong direction, is easier to turn than a boat in DRYDOCK!!!

You don't treat Near sightensess with Insulin, you can't cure cancer with a cast...DO NOT tell me that a stimulant will help my PTSD child handle emotional triggers won't. But do step out and diagnose. Quit worrying about a law suit while my child's life is scarred, destroyed and tossed aside.

Who went to medical school here...get a clue, get a DSM-IV!! and give me a script!!!

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