Tuesday, April 05, 2011

On Display

Last Wednesday I was reminded of an episode of the Twighlight Zone...it was the one where two astronauts (weren't like 97.5% of shows written about aliens and space travel...Obsessive!) crashed onto an alien planet. One of them was unconscious but the other one was "helped" by the natives. He was given a custom built home that was designed according to the images in him mind... then he discovered that it wasn't a home. It was a cage...with bars...and an observation window. He was in a zoo and on display for all to watch.

So on Wednesday, we had a visit with middle. We were meeting at the local McDonalds because we have supervised visits again...due to his aggression supposedly. This week his regular SW was sending a volunteer.

They arrived late (no visit has ever begun on time) and middle obviously did not want to be there. The volunteer introduced herself and then kept talking... so I let middle-one go get a snack and chatted with her. She was nice and working on her degree also (so she isn't a SW yet). Then middle came back and sat down and the volunteer sat in the table across from us, turned toward us, leaned out and began actively watching, listening and taking notes on our visit. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The regular SW sits in another part of the dining area and makes phone calls. He doesn't even listen or watch.

I began trying to engage middle but he wouldn't talk and wouldn't make eye contact, was being rude and kept saying he was bored. I kept trying to be upbeat and encouraging.... this woman interrupted and asked

"Would you like it if we went to the park?"


I was so shocked!! He is 15 y/o and it was just him and me. Going to the park would mean he could further ignore me and not interact at all.

But, then he was even more bored and mom was the bad guy!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

So middle decided to end the visit early. He didn't want to just sit and talk with me (surprise!!)...and without his brothers there he said he didn't want to visit. He wouldn't talk to me about anything and I found it VERY difficult to try to make conversation when I felt like I was a lab specimen... it was humiliating too.

I hadn't seen middle in two weeks. I may not see him next week because if Bright-Eyes decides not to go then I will need to stay home with him and Mr. T will go... Ebear refuses to see middle at all anymore.


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