Friday, May 03, 2013

It's. Not. My. Problem.

It’s. Not. My. Problem (but it is my blog so this is a totally gratuitous post)

Ok, yes, it is my son who has enticed and fascinated your daughter. It is him who has used her and taken advantage of her… yes he encouraged her to lie and deceive you. It was him who; convinced her to let him live in her car and go with her on her spring break trip and loiter outside her school and place of employment. He has joined with her in sneaking around, getting high and yes they are sexually active.

Yes my son has done all of that.

But I’m sorry, I can’t fix this for you. My son is 19. He is a legal adult. He can do what he wants to do. I can’t stop him. I have no power. No authority.

So quit telling me to bring my son home as if it will fix everything!!!

This is YOUR problem.

Your child is not over 18. Your child lives in your home. Your child is dependent on you for food, shelter, clothing, her phone….and the air she breaths!!!… You. Have. The. Power.

Say “NO”

Take away her car

Ground her?

Make her stay at home.

Neither of you will die.

Parenting is a verb. Take action… NOW!!!!! … before you find yourself in my shoes praying desperately for your child to survive long enough to turn (back?) to God and family.

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