Saturday, March 27, 2010

The heart of RAD

Nancy Thomas tells a story about being dragged out on the ice. For those who don't know it, it is a tale about a child who stepped out on the ice before it was completely frozen and fell through.

They were dying and no one came to help. They struggled and fought and screamed and yelled but not one helped. They gasped for breath and went under again and again... they were dying and no one helped. ...

finally they were able to somehow pull themselves out and to the shore on the other side of the lakes, where they lay catching their breath and regaining their strength until they could crawl away from the shore. They recovered there across the lake.

They could see people on the other side who were playing and having fun and eventually they even saw people on the ice. Some people came to them and tried to convince them to come back across. They told them the ice would hold them and they would not die... they told them the ice was strong and solid and could hold them up. The child did not believe... how could they. They had almost died and no one had helped. They could only trust themselves. The people tried and tried to convince them but they did not believe.

Then someone came across and said "I love you, you can not stay here alone you must come across the ice ... you will be ok, you will live. And they began dragging them across the frozen ice. The child kicked and screamed... their fear was immense and overwhelming because they knew they would surely die. The person kept saying "I love you, trust me... you will not die" and kept dragging them. The child fought and the grown up moved on.

If they keep going and do not stop the child will be on the other side and will know that the one who loved them spoke truth and did not lie and they did not die.

Nancy T. wrote that story about RAD kids and the fight of the mom.

Today the Lord showed me that I am the one across the ice (my ice is attempting to bring Middle-One back into our home again) and I am kicking and screaming because I have fallen in before and nearly died. HE is saying... "Trust me, I love you... and you must come across the ice"

Trusting is sooooooooo hard. I know.

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