Saturday, March 20, 2010

Visit two

Well with our third visit nearly over I figured I better get something about the second visit posted before it got lost in time and space...

Our second visit was just an overnighter.

Ebear had just had shoulder surgery on Thursday and we had no idea how he was going to do or what we would need to plan for, so we had our therapist plan for a possible appointment on Friday that we may not make. We are blessed to have a therapist who will roll with the punches with us. She said whatever we were able to do was fine.

Middle-one called on Thursday evening to ask how his brother was and make sure he was ok... and to ask about the therapy appointment and his visit. He seemed very anxious. We explained to him... again... that we would have to take care of Ebear first and would come get him if we were able to.

Well, no one slept on Thursday night... Don't know why we didn't anticipate THAT! LOL. Obviously we would need to be up providing pain meds and helping Ebear.

Friday morning arrived and it was an easy decision to cancel the appointment fortunately we had told Middle-one that we would call him Friday, if we didn't pick him up from school.

Friday Ebear was doing ok and resting well so we decided to go get Middle-one on Saturday for an overnight. We told him that we would pick him up and settled in to take care of his brother.

Saturday Mr. T went to get Middle-one. Middle was in good spirits. He and Bright-eyes played well together... which was unusual and rather surprising. Ebear, however was mostly ignored. Even though he was centrally located in his dad's recliner, in the living room, Middle one all but ignored him. Never asked how he was or talked to him at all.

Middle-one had plenty to say to us however... to Mr. T and I he argued and defended, every chance he got.

And got mad at us because we would not let him eat all the Jambalaya (after he had seconds) and wanted to save some in case Ebear wanted more to eat. ... the same ole food battle. How do you teach a child who is only aware of his own needs and wants, that the family needs to eat TOO!!!

We were just happy to not have Bright-eyes be the target de' jour.

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