Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So what's the problem?

That was the question asked of me by the state advocacy counselor after I shared some of the neglect issues concerning Middle-One.

Hmmmmmm... well, the problem might be that you are a college intern and have NO IDEA what it's like to be Mama Bear to an emotionally disturbed, mentally disabled, border line MR child who has had his needs overlooked and ignored for a year!!!!

You might have overlooked the word *ADVOCACY* in the title of the organization because it suggests that you will ADVOCATE!!!!

Maybe the problem is that there are so many extreme issues to deal with that medical neglect and disrespect of confidentiality are not even comparable so we drop the bar and let the kids who are ok and surviving fall through the cracks.

Maybe the problem is that as soon as you heard the phrase "foster care" your tone changed and you began asking questions instead of listening, even after I explained that we did have our parental rights and we had placed him voluntarily and we were involved and participating in his care.

The problem could be the accusation in your voice when you asked

"How would you know this"

When I explained that our child with sensory issues who chews on any object and needs regular dental care has not been seen in a year.

How would I KNOW?

Because I am his mother.

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J. said...

ugg I hate people like that. I hate that they think they know everything when they do not live this life. Hang in there.