Friday, April 30, 2010

Too many cooks

I think we all know what happens when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

How about too many care givers in a child's life? People say that you can't have too many people love you... but what about too many people taking care of you (a different animal entirely)

Middle-One has been without medication for TWO weeks now. Why, you ask?... well it seems that his case with his psychiatrist was closed in January. The Dr. hasn't prescribed meds since OCTOBER.

In late February I was told that the case was being closed and, since Middle was transitioning home that I could begin taking over his care. So we made an appointment with the agency we use for therapy. We completed Middle's intake on the 27th of March. DHR signed his release forms (to access the records from the other agency) on the 9th of April. I then called to get an appointment with the psychiatrist and was given an appointment on the 7th of May.

However, on the 15th of April the foster care provider told us that Middle was now out of meds. Hmmmmmm.... Ok

We called and emailed the Social Worker asking for the name of the p-doc. She shared the name with us but also said that she didn't believe that this Dr would give us a script because Middle's case had been closed. I could not imagine that a caring Dr would allow a child to go without needed medication... but Whoa!! I was wrong!! After calling this agency and being told they wouldn't/couldn't talk to me, and then calling and emailing the SW for a week and a half to gain a release so the agency could/would talk to me ...The Dr DID decide to allow the child to go without needed medication. I was then informed that she hadn't written a script for him since the fall. Even though the SW claimed that they got scripts there recently.

So TWO WEEKS trying to get meds for my kid ended in failure. Why...... well, let's not be nit picky ;p)

I called upon the agency I know and love. They would have taken care of it right away but the psychiatrist was on vacation. They got me in to see the new p-doc on Monday the 3rd of May.

I am so often reminded of the scripture passage from first Kings about the two women and the child. The king was going to cut the child in two and give each woman a half. One woman said to go ahead, that way the child would not be hers or the other's. The other woman (the mother) pleaded for him to please not harm the child... just give him to the other woman but leave him whole.

I would walk on hot coals to help and provide for my kids. There is no bigger force than a loving mom.

Only one cook needed in this kitchen. The others are spoiling the soup!!!!

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