Sunday, May 16, 2010

A peek into Attachment Therapy - Appointment 6

(I remember writing this post last week... really I do...but where did I save it?)

This session became a triple session. All three boys are regressing. We are on the edge of crisis. So AT had the session with Mr. T and me. Then she pulled in Ebear and Bright-Eyes and had an entire session with all of us. THEN she dismissed them and brought in Middle-One for his session. We were exhausted.

The parent session was again shadowed by the discussion of the future. AT does not see the boys overcoming their fears and bouncing back. She is concerned that the upcoming placement will push them too far. She does hold on to some hope because (she admits) anything is possible. But her hope is wavering.

The session with the at-home two was slow to start but the boys warmed up and began to really open up toward the end. They needed that.

In Middle's therapy he continued to work on his timeline and we discussed his emotions and memories. Not surprisingly Mad emerged as the primary emotion. AT suggested we provide a schedule for Middle so he can see what he needs to do before he can move on (will implement this next weekend) and that we reply to his arguing by just saying “I’m sorry you made that choice”.

It will be two weeks until our next session (for Middle and Bright-Eyes). AT will be on vacation.

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GB's Mom said...

It is a real concern. Any time you have more then one HM (High Maintenance) child the trauma that bounces between them is hard to contain. Hugs and prayers.