Sunday, May 16, 2010

Visit nine

(a week late)

The visits are getting both more difficult and easier. Still stressful.

Bright-Eyes was frantic. He absolutely could not be in the house with Middle-One all of the time. This resulted in him being outside a lot. If we can't find him inside he will be outside with either his punching bag or his tools.

Middle spent a lot of time making loud random noises so we had to tell him again and again to quiet down. Even when he took the garbage out he was making loud disruptive noise.

Friday evening ended with Middle-One crawling around on the floor on all fours, hopping on one foot, climbing up and down his bed and making noises.

Saturday was spent doing yard work and playing, though Middle was defensive and argumentative. He called a lot of things unfair. Like not getting to play video games all weekend (he probably shouldn't have lied and tried to play Mr. T and I against one another). And being sent to bed at bedtime even though Ebear stays up later. Life is hard.

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with steaks and cheesecake. :o)

Monday Mr. T took him to school and reported that Middle could not get out of the truck fast enough. He didn't even say good-bye. I guess he was ready for the visit to end. LOL


Lisa said...

We've had a lot of "unfair" and early bedtimes around here too. Maybe it's contagious.

GB's Mom said...

Mom my used to say "Who told you life was fair? Not me"