Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swimming in quicksand

Normally I have great enthusiasm when doing a project around my house. I love the prospect of rearranging, decorating and decluttering. It makes all things new!

We are switching everyone’s bedrooms. The two at-home boys are moving into my and Mr. T’s room. Mr. T and I are moving into Ebear’s room and Middle-One will move into Bright-Eyes rooms when he returns home.

This is especially difficult to Bright-Eyes because his room was specifically decorated for him in a football theme.

Tomorrow is moving day. The furniture gets moved and we all sleep in new rooms tomorrow night. This should be fun. It should be exciting. We should all be bubbling over with anticipation of a new environment and beginning.

We’re not. No one wants to move. No one wants to lose their space. No one is adjusting to change well or embracing this brand new day.

There is a lot of work to do and we must keep swimming… but we are swimming in emotional quicksand. I’m not sure we will all survive.


Mr T said...

i'm excited. ;) and i'm treading quicksand...MrT :p

GB's Mom said...

You will survive because you are a survivor! Letting everybody add a person detail to their "new" rooms (like football wall stickers) might help!