Thursday, May 06, 2010

Signs and symptoms of transitions

We are in the full throes of transitioning Middle-One home.

It was decided long ago that Ebear and Bright-Eyes would share a room. Middle would have his own room. Along the way Mr. T and I decided that it would be good for everyone to have a new beginning and it would be safer if we were stationed between the other two rooms just to keep every safe. So we are switching ALL bedrooms.

The result of this decision is a house in cluttered chaos. All the closets have erupted into the house. All the rooms are flooded with the overflow. (this would be a good spot for a picture, wouldn't it? ;o)

Middle will be home tonight and we have the weekend upon us.

I wonder if it would be self sabotaging to insist that we paint each room before refilling it with possessions.....


J. said...

ahh go for the paint and let the chaos rain a little longer, at least paint your room.

GB's Mom said...

Paint will give everyone a fresh start!