Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We are not alone

I was flitting around (isn't that fun to say...flitting...flitting...flitting...ok never mind)... as I was flitting around the RAD mom blogs and the RAD forums, I see a common shout-out from one RAD infested home to another to another to another to another... all across the land. "You are not alone".

In seeing all of the RAD families comforting and reassuring each other it appears that we truly are not why are we so isolated? Why is our world such a dark secret? Why do we find ourselves explaining this insanity to nearly every person we meet in real life?

If we all joined hands and stretched across the world how far would we reach? If we all joined together to live in a big IUNDERSTANDRAD commune, how big would our property stretch? If we all built a ladder to the sky, how high would it go?... ok, you get the idea, we are a formidable group.

So really... why aren't we seeing RAD explained and shared to the public. Why is there no Public Service campaign on TV for RAD? Why are there no telethons? No 10k races? No rallies? No awareness weeks or fundraisers or candlelight vigils? Why are we not screaming from the rooftops that our kids are damaged and hurt and sick and we need help too!!!!!!!!!! We need support and encouragement and we need people to know... and to see us and to recognize our needs.

We are not alone. Why do we act like we are?


Lindy said...

because we are tired

GB's Mom said...

because all our energy and time goes to our kids and to support others.

Lisa said...

Here! Here!

but then I have to agree with Lindy too. Especially after K's diagnosis yesterday. What do you get when you mix RAD and DID? Crazy on crack.

Mr T said...

a possible answer is that RAD is not politically correct and the treatment is not very "nice" at times.