Saturday, May 08, 2010

Random RADness

They will cut off their nose to spite their face. Once this is understood everyone else can just stand back and watch.

*Every* single time I am in the kitchen cooking, the hypervigelence takes over and walks Middle-One into the kitchen so that he can see what I am making and how much of it there is. This allows him to plan for himself, but does not give much practice in trusting Mom.

This morning I was preparing breakfast. Here comes Middle in to see what I am cooking. He says good-morning and as usual leans and looks past me scanning the counter and stove (he will literally push me out of the way for this). He correctly surmises that I am making grits and toast, and incorrectly added scrambled eggs (maybe wishful thinking LOL). I told him that yes, that was right, on most accounts. He responded with


and then I said

"you must be in here to get a hug. "

*Hugged him*.

Then he paused and asked

"Can I have oatmeal?"

I smiled and said, "Sure sugar, I think the Waffle House serves it... you better get going if you want to get there.

He LOLed... He doesn't like oatmeal.

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